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Babywearing puts a whole new spin on the concept of ‘dynamic duo costumes.’ If you’re an avid babywearer (or even just a casual babywearer), you’re already halfway to a great costume. To create most babywearing Halloween costumes, you just need to dress up the carrier itself — and if you want, dress yourself to go with it! The creative (and adorable) possibilities are endless.

The best part about babywearing costumes is that dressing your baby up is completely optional; making these costumes perfect for babies of all ages and personalities. If your baby is willing and comfortable, consider adding a thematic hat or adorable shirt to top off the look. If not, you can generally accomplish the full costume by just decorating the carrier and yourself.

Here are some of our favorite baby carrier costume ideas, organized by carry position!

Facing-In Position

Bank Robber & Loot Bag Costume

Bank Robber & Loot Bag

Suit up in all-black, or the classic black and white striped outfit of a criminal — be sure to wear an eye mask and black beanie. Wrap your carrier in beige fabric or a pillowcase, and label it as a loot bag with a large dollar sign. If you’re feeling crafty, stick some faux dollar bills (board game money works great for this) to the carrier. All that’s left to do is seat your own priceless treasure inside, and hope you don’t get caught! This one also makes for a fun group costume. Get your significant other, or another babywearing friend, to join you as your partner in crime.

Spider & Web

With your baby already pinned to you, it’s easy to make your carrier look like a spider’s body — just add eight creepy crawly legs. In this costume, your baby is the star of the show and you’re the web she sits on. All you need to do is wear dark clothing and craft a simple web out of yarn or rope.

Bag of Popcorn

Turn your baby into a favorite treat, by decorating your carrier as a red-and-white striped bucket of popcorn. Glue pieces of popcorn to a white infant cap to create a popcorn hat for baby (feel free to eat a few pieces while you’re at it — you’ve earned it). For your own outfit, grab a white shirt, dark vest, and bowtie to become a classy employee of the cinema concessions stand.

Bumble Bee & Flower

Decorate your carrier in black and yellow stripes (fabric, craft paper, or felt would work nicely), and attach faux insect wings (store bought or homemade). Add a cozy black-and-yellow cap for baby, and voila — you’ve got your own bumble bee! Of course, you’re his favorite flower. Dress yourself in green and add your choice of flowery accessories; think flower crown, headband, hat, or go all out with a full flower petal mask!


Facing-Out Position

Kangaroo & Joey Costume

Kangaroo & Joey

Babywearing isn’t just for humans! Dress up as the ultimate babywearing parent of the animal kingdom: the kangaroo. Outfit yourself in brown with long, floppy kangaroo ears. If you don’t want to purchase a kangaroo costume, you can fasten ears to a brown hooded sweatshirt. Wrap your carrier in a light brown or tan blanket to make it your own kangaroo pouch, and give your little joey a baby-sized knit hat with ears.

Barista & Baby Latte

This costume is a little more modern-era, and a sure crowd pleaser. Decorate your carrier as a to-go coffee cup, complete with the brown cardboard sleeve to for your piping hot (or refreshingly cool) beverage. Dress yourself as a barista, and you now have a carrier cup holding your precious little latte. Your baby can simply wear any shade of mocha, cafe, or cocoa; if you’re going for an iced latte, consider an adorable hat with a felt straw.

Winnie the Pooh & Pot of Honey

Embrace a classic character known for his sweet personality (and sweet tooth): Winnie the Pooh! For this one, your outfit requires a yellow long-sleeved shirt, red T-shirt, and adorable teddy bear ears. Using a yellow blanket (or fabric) sticking out and a label that says “Hunny,” you can turn your baby carrier into a honey pot, filled with the sweetest person you know.


Hip Carry Position

Koala & Eucalyptus Tree Costume

Koala & Eucalyptus Tree

The hip carry position makes it easy to pose your baby as any adorable tree-climbing animal (think owl, sloth, monkey). We love the koala. To dress yourself as a tree, just wear brown clothing and add leaves — find them at any craft store, or make them yourself out of fabric or craft paper. Add a leafy headpiece for extra flair. Cover your hip carrier in gray fabric and find a cute koala hat for baby to wear. There are tons of animal-themed baby caps on the market, or you can sew some basic ears onto an existing cap.

Baby Bagpipes

This costume is perfect for parents who love to hip carry, because the carrier seats baby in the same spot where a piper would rest his bagpipes. Transform yourself into a Scottish piper with traditional highland dress: kilt, high socks, and a sash. For your personal set of bagpipes, decorate your carrier in the classic green plaid pattern of the instrument. To create the recognizable pipes, paint pieces of PVC pipe or paper towel tubes black, and fasten them to your back (using a belt, string, or other method). Don’t forget the recognizable pipes that give this instrument its name; you can fasten plastic pipes to your back with a belt to complete this look.

Back Carry Position

Pirate and Parrot Costume

Pirate & Parrot

Turn your baby into an iconic feathered friend. Decorate your baby carrier in bright, colorful feathers — either by purchasing faux parrot wings, or making them yourself out of fabric. Give baby a bright red hat (bonus if it has cute eyes and a beak). Dress yourself in your choice of pirate garb, including but not limited to: a pirate hat or bandana, eye patch, belt sash, and striped shirt (or white blouse and vest combo). Ahoy, mateys!

Luke Skywalker & Yoda

If your baby is destined to be a Star Wars fan, like her parents before her, why not get started early? For this costume, you become the heroic Luke Skywalker with a brown and tan outfit and blue lightsaber; on your back, you carry the small yet wise Master Yoda. Dress your baby in a green hat with the signature floppy Yoda ears — you can buy a Yoda hat, or make the ears yourself and glue them to an existing hat.

Harry Potter on the Nimbus 3000

Hogwarts lovers, this costume is for you. Transform your baby into a young wizard, with a Gryffindor-themed red and gold scarf (unless you favor a different Hogwarts House?) and faux glasses, just like little Harry. Your role in this fantasy duo? The world’s most famous broomstick: Harry’s Nimbus 3000. A simple brown shirt and a straw-colored hula skirt is all you need to become a magical broom for your baby to ride around on.

Have you and your baby rocked Halloween with your own fun babywearing costume? Did something on this list inspire you with another fabulous idea? Comment with your ideas below, and yours may be featured in a future blog post!